Awesome Motorcycle Helmet USB Aromatherapy Humidifier

This USB aroma humidifier, designed to look like a motorcycle helmet, will help you increase the humidity in a room and it can also be used as a fragrance oil burner for aromatherapy.

* Motorcycle helmet shape design humidifier
* Relieve your breath, eyes, month, throat and skin in dry seasons
* You can also add few drops of essential oil and enjoy aromatherapy
* USB/battery operated for your best convenient
* Generates moisture by cool ultrasonic waves, safe and quiet
* Excellent vision effect, LED light illuminate to water tank when operating
* On/Off switch
* Water tank capacity: 185ml (approx.)
* Ultrasonic frequencey: 2.4Mhz ~ 2.7Mhz
* Dimension: 135 x 120 x 110mm (approx.)
* Weight: 284g