Pictured: The eco-friendly power plant that uses 624 giant movable mirrors to create electricity

From a distance it looks like an elaborate laser light show.

But this tower wreathed in light is the first part of a massive solar energy project to provide an alternative to burning fossil fuels.

The 'solucar' solar park, near Seville, Spain, produces 11 megawatts of electricity from the sun's rays, collected by 624 giant movable mirrors.

The mirrors, known as heliostats, concentrate the rays onto the top of a 100 metre tower, where it is used to produce steam to drive a turbine, which then produces electricity.

With around 320 days a year of sunshine, there's no shortage of fuel, and the entire park was created by Spanish engineering companies.

It is the first of a set of solar power generation plants aimed at generating 300 megawatts of electricity by 2013.