Futurama Bender Webcam

Futurama Bender Webcam
When Jason Chen over at Gizmodo wrote about the Mr. Burns webcam, he added: “is nice, but it’s no Futurama”. Reader Matt saw it and came up with a cool looking Bender webcam.

This is a custom-made one of a kind Bender Webcam. I removed all the gears and mechanics from and officially licensed Matt Groening and Rocket USA tin robot toy and replaced them with a Creative Live! webcam.

The arms and legs no longer move but Bender is completely free standing and if it was not for the USB cable coming from the former key slot you’d never know that he had a camera behind his chest door. Turning his antenna rotates Bender’s mouth and cigar allowing for two facial expressions.

The Futurama Bender Webcam is now on auction over at eBay.



April 17, 2008 at 8:58 AM

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